HokaiHokai Sobol is committed to a genuine contemporary Dharma, and has been waving the flag for 20+ years as pathfinder, teacher, and bridge builder. Teaching and consulting with groups and individuals, organizing events and programs, translating and publishing material from leading edge authors, contributing through writings and talks, Hokai has been spurring and assisting the emergence and propagation of a nonsectarian Buddhist practice, responsive to leading cultural currents, and adaptive to actual lives.

Living in Rijeka, Croatia, with friends and partners in Europe, United States and Japan.

Quote: “Buddhist practice may be presented as a path of ‘inner revolution.’ In fact, the term dharmacakra pravartana, literally turning of the dharma-wheel, can be rendered as spiritual revolution. The early sangha is a result of the great turnabout initiated by Siddhartha Gautama’s own awakening and teaching. Mahayana is a result of another deep shift initiated among the early sangha. Ch’an/Zen and Vajrayana are results of additional shifts within Mahayana itself. Now, looking at 25 hundred years of continuation, we can see that these turnings proceeded along a spiritual evolutionary trajectory hardly envisaged or planned. Each of these developments retained what was necessary for an organic continuation, while advancing fresh formulations and introducing new methods. The last of such revolutions, however, happened long before the advent of modernity. And that considerable gap is being negotiated in many different ways today – in both East and West – as conditions keep changing.”

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