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I’ve been posting #deepDharma tweets for some time, and today I announced a break in the series. Here’s a collection of tweets posted so far. Enjoy and make good use of ’em!

Not taking traditional teachings on faith is prerequisite to isolating and removing the fallacy of divisive religiosity.

Does pursuing a choicest array of Buddhist principles and practices make one a Buddhist?

Deep meaning of conversion is revolution at the basis.

Revolution at the basis does not make you a Buddhist. It does, however, make you an insider to awakening.

If religion is codification of spirituality, awakening breaks the code.

How to recognize oneself? Open Bright Play.

The secret teaching is fully disclosed.

The power of awakening habits is chronically underrated.

Everyone participates in, and is somehow an expression of, that which is Real.

The purpose of Dharma is benefitting sentient beings. Awakening only really matters in that context, with that end in mind.

No solipsism, no substantialism, no hedonism, no puritanism.

Wide open, grounded, ever fresh. No perspectival chauvinism.

The fact that you can exercise effort, when openly received, is grace itself. It’s undeserved, so it’s the flipside of virtue.

Take to mind the human being. Being your ground, human your path, full awareness as human being your natural fruition.

The web of views is endless. Body the weft, speech the warp, mind the loom.

While orthodoxy depends on following reliable maps, lineage refers to the innate capacity of self-orientation.

Become intimate with human condition: loneliness, uncertainty, and vulnerability. Don’t shy away! Drink deeply from that source.

No invitation, no credentials.

Been-there-done-that is not the way of realized mind.

Freedom of choice is never found through variety.

The “way” is awareness itself, meaning the actuality of anything as it occures. Taking that to mind is “path.”

Everything that can be experienced and known hinges on one point only: mind-itself.

Data: Do you think this is a wise course of action, sir? Picard: We’re about to find out, Data.

Always clarify the intended meaning. Confusing the context and level makes the best teachings useless.

Flirting with aphorisms and condensed teachings may seriously undermine your practice. This tweet is dangerous.

Big Pharma artificially generates demand to maximize profit. Big Dharma naturally generates awareness to maximize liberation.

You have forgotten what wakefulness is. Perhaps now you’re beginning to remember. Yield to it, trust it, let it show the way.

Traditionally devotion bridges the teacher-student gap. Post-traditional Dharma removes the gap, but not the mutual devotion.

Let tradition do what it does best: remember, conserve and perpetuate. Meanwhile, don’t fight impermanence. You can’t win.

Simple answer: enlightenment cannot be entirely separated from culture. (elaboration of trikaya won’t fit into 140 characters)

Complex ritual and doing-nothing can both be effective means of realization. In both cases, natural mind owns awakening.

Intention to benefit others does you good. But when you actually feel through the illusion of separation, that does good to all.

Samsara is the womb of awakening. Make sure it gets pregnant.

Accepting reality trumps all other powers.

Practice right view, meditation, and harmonizing action. You will never ever regret it.

This universe arises spontaneously, and so does your simultaneous awareness of it. How exactly does obstruction arise?

Opinionatedness is an attempt to conceal insecurity and inadequacy of one’s view.

Religions are compounded phenomena, subject to change and, eventually, decay.

Buddhist morality is based on holding open the question: what is really beneficial?

Buddhist meditation is based on holding open the question: how does mind function?

Buddhist wisdom is based on holding open the question: what is the nature of awareness?

Don’t buy into superstition. Hold views you can actually practice.

Every Buddhist tradition perpetuates cultural norms. Such norms are not immune to nonsense.

Most teachers, irrespective of their ethnicity, conform to spiritual taboos, replacing social conventions with spiritual ones.

Sadhana is all-in-one: on outer level, moral practice; on inner level, meditation; on innermost, wisdom; done-with, realization.

Deep ethics equals renunciation; deep meditation, purification; deep wisdom, transformation; deep realization, self-liberation.

“Obscuration” is due to afflicted emotions and bewilderment, the two veils. As such, it only describes the unawakened state.

Although removal of two veils reveals innate wakefulness, this wishfulfilling jewel remains an utter mystery.

Since spiritual bondage demands adequate response, awakened are optimally positioned to respond. Service is their raison d’etre.

Reply to dozen questions: #deepDharma are not quotes from books, authors, teachers, whatnot. It’s my daily practice, and genuine goodness:)

Buddhist devotion is fearlessly non-theistic. No projections, no fantasies.

Sacred view reveals the poignant splendour of the world.

Every sensation, every thought, every moment is diaphanous. As real as it gets.

Breath counting instructions: don’t move; relax; come back.

Breath following instructions: stay relaxed; intensify; balance.

Breath coming-and-going instructions: intensify and relax as needed; ease effort; resist making it into something.

Begin with breath-count. Coarse restlessness gone, follow breath. Coarse torpor gone, proceeed with coming-and-going.

Of course awakening (skt. bodhi) is available in this body. Does thinking about it any other way really work for you?

Maitri, samadhi, prajna: the three trainings and the means to abiding happiness.

Tantric path, like marriage, is lived day after day. Such path, like marriage, has ups and downs. Such path is its own reward.

If you want your Dharma to rock, you got to rock your Dharma.

Every written letter, every spoken syllable is sacred.

Each letter, each syllable is sacred.

Chanting sutras is like kissing the Buddha and tasting the Dharma.

Grace is the flipside, not the product, of our efforts and virtues. It’s simultaneous and always undeserved.

Awakening is NOT a solitary effort. Remember the third Refuge.

Before awakening, sentient beings. After awakening, sentient beings.

I take refuge in Buddha, the wakefulness of primordial natural awareness.

Facing our trepidation patiently, step by step, we discover fearlessness.

Genuine curiosity is rooted in our willingness to go beyond what we already know, questioning our cherished opinions and views.

Mantra is prior to language. Every seed syllable is at once noun, verb, and adjective.

This moment, right now, is preaching Dharma quite eloquently. Are you paying attention?

Put trust in buddha nature.

Buddha nature is beyond concepts of real and unreal. Bodhicitta is an expression of that.

Compassion is natural sensitivity and effective activity in response to existential difficulties in self and others.

Awakening remains out of reach as long as you hesitate. But not if you’re curious.

Wide open, fully engaged, poised, and responsive.

Who’s dragging this corpse around? Give me a break, this body ain’t no corpse!

Awakening is an open-ended, ongoing path-process, marked by recognition experiences and subsequent integration cycles.

The single, most important purpose of awakening is integrating and harmonizing spiritual and mundane values, benefits, and aims.

Suchness is always available, hidden as obviousness, in perfect coincidence.

Reality is always being-and-becoming, open in process of completion.

Human being is adjective and verb, the noun of which is unknown.

If you see a Buddha, kiss her. Or him.

Exotic equals exoteric.

Mind is like weather, mindfulness like time, awareness like space.

I’m just a wee bit annoyed by naturalist metaphors, like the last one I used for #deepDharma

Saintliness is not lame.

Time is mystery itself. Feel into it, relax into it, and be released.

Essentially, “dharma” means holding and that which is being held. Like e.g. being human.

Basic distinction: cultural Buddhism, institutional Buddhism, practical Buddhism. Do not confuse, bring awareness to each.

Cultural Buddhism has yet to find a trans-national, worldcentric expression.

Institutional Buddhism is developing new organizational structures as we speak. Please participate in the process.

Practical Buddhism cannot function in a cultural and institutional vacuum. Be kind, express your samadhi and prajna.

Hinayana is alive and well in Buddhism, both East and West.

Growing magnanimity in body, speech, and mind is the gateway.

Keep growing awake. Keep waking.

Post-traditional Dharma must not be confined to unaffiliated Sangha.

When your body is open feeling, vital current, and aflame with awareness, who are you?

Western Buddhism is no adolescent. It’s just that so many adults behave as if they were.

(this collection ends with November 15th 2010)

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  1. Matthew O'Connell

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    Wow. These are great; real thinking outside of the box. There are some real gems. I shall have to borrow a couple I’m afraid :)

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    Glad you liked some, feel free to borrow…

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