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Who is this? If so, who is *that*?

May we realize that awareness, culture, and technology influence each other simultaneously, and bring all three to the path.

Right view is impossible without awakened imagination.

The gap between our awareness and actual realization can only be bridged by full embodiment.

Be the Dharma you want to see in the world.

Genuine recognition of innate sacredness of the world gives birth to robust pragmatism.

Let go of stillborn idealist fancies! Embrace your potential by engaging imperfection with gusto.

Reality design is faultless.

Mantra slips into glossolalia when practiced without understanding its implications.

Four spiritual inclusive ways: generosity, kind speech, leading by example, shared purpose.

Four secular inclusive ways: cuisine, music, arhictecture, and political process.

Our shared reality is heartbreaking, thought-defying, and chaotic, yet we cannot but respond, consider, and act.

Buddhist karma isn’t “tit for tat” – it’s about intention, responsibility, and creativity in an interdependent universe.

Body is the place. Awareness, teacher. Thoughts, audience. Intention, time. Feeling tone, the teaching.

We are an experiment, so much is obvious. But, an experiment in what?

When we use our influence to spread Dharma, we tend to use Dharma to consolidate our influence.

“Enlightenment” only makes any sense if you’re wandering in darkness, “awakening” only if you’re lucid in the dream.

Regard precious spiritual experience as a metaphor. Realization is beyond experience.

Truth is indestructible. Reality, inconceivable. Compassion, inexhaustible.

Suchness *is* the Path.

In post-traditional Dharma, fixed authority is seen as inherently corruptive for both student and teacher.

In emergent Dharma, authority is reclaimed in transparent mutual empowerment rooted in awakened intention.

Mainstream Dharma of three characteristics is sooo depressing, no wonder few want to hear it, much less apply it.

On the other hand, the alternative of happiness and joy without previous stream-entry is naive at best.

Buddhahood defies orthodoxy and orthopraxy.

I take refuge in the wakefulness: vast, blissful, and emanating; in the truth: ever-present, open, and changing; and in the congregation of all conscious beings. Through this practice I realize my true nature, and bring benefit to all.

Ultimate “negation” and “affirmation” must be paired with relative negation and affirmation.

Our actions are the manifestation of an otherwise hidden order. They reveal and announce our inwardness.

Freedom is not a “thing,” but the very life process flowing vigorously.

The relativity of what there is is not itself relative.

True being *is* becoming, operating as an open dimension in all that is.

Friendship and intimacy with deity awakens and deepens likeness. Based on trust and respect, it excludes fear.

As one becomes more integrated, one tends to be able to see more unity in the world.

Perception is a continuous and complex learning process which presupposes a teacher-apprentice relationship.

The experience which language attempts to convey is good and never evil, beautiful and never ugly, encompassing space and time.

Nothing can *make* us more human.

How we language our spiritual practice has a huge impact on its actual purpose and scope.

Without conditioned, the unconditioned becomes nothing.

In Mahayana, samvrti/relative means both covering and manifesting. Concealing and revealing.

Celebration remains an unresolved issue in Western Buddhism.

There’s no conflict between nonself and you genuinely being yourself.

This world, we love so dearly, is the one world of buddhas and all sentient beings. We’re in it together.

You may be waiting your life to become something else. You may even be working on it. So, when does the real thing begin?

The creative mind necessarily precedes all true efforts.

Intention to benefit others reflects the deepest truth of being.

Always practicing the 37 dharmas with intention to benefit others, one becomes a bodhisattva.

The notion of getting fully involved, or genuinely given to this life, may be quite depressing for those who wish to escape.

Twitter and Facebook are reflections of Dharmadhatu. Just don’t neglect the flesh and blood of buddhahood.

Sex, money, & politics are the stuff of abuse, corruption, and scandal. But the problem is *never* with sex, money, & politics.

Authentic living dharma is always relevant, freely adapting, and engaging the present cultural patterns.

Cynicism is just as naive as idealism. Authenticity arises in the space of genuine trust shared by teacher and student.

In revelations of wrongdoing, we may be hurt and appalled and offended. But we must not turn our backs on another human.

“All or nothing” attitude is not useful. Think of awareness and awakening in terms of degree.

Because even fully awakened beings engage the changing world via conditioned mind and body, perfection is open-ended.

The nature of our interactions, and our individuality, changes profoundly when we fully embrace samsara.

The face of ignorance today is spiritual indifference, from brute self-indulgence to lazy busyness. Dare to care!

When nothing seems to help, practice patient acceptance with gratitude. Feel deeply, know openly, and let it be.

True vigor comes from relaxing. True effort from acceptance of the way life is.

Outgrowing any religious identity may be painful. Expanding wisdom and compassion is never easy.

Commit to specific teachers, teachings and practices. Let that commitment be the focus of your spirituality, not its perimeter.

Every living being wants happiness, and not misery. There’s nothing spiritual or even conscious in wanting to be happy.

Theory is mostly about stuff you never see in practice.

Equanimity means no hesitation in response to events.

Awareness is the king. Gentleness, the queen. Experience, the kingdom.

Those who practice past resistance, experience denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Western Buddhism may be small in numbers, but its far-reaching influence on contemporary spiritual culture is huge.

Lineage is not a relict. Monopoly on truth is.

“It was like living a lie,” said the Spanish-born tulku of his life among Tibetan teachers.

This is the power of mantra: because of emptiness, every syllable is an eloquent expression of the ultimate meaning.

Genuine blessings are freely available. Receiving them depends on one’s attitude.

Everything that really matters, everything truly meaningful, significant, and valuable, has been said to be ineffable.

“Experience is true; therefore, it’s sacred.” said Chogyam Trungpa, and then “Truth could be secular, but still it’s sacred.”

The background to every question, every inquiry, is always ‘what is real’.

Are you aware that actual awakening, realization here and now, is taboo for many teaching Buddhism today? Are you ok with that?

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Conspiracy theories are for kids. All theory is conspiracy.

Path is hard work, day in day out. Realization is mystery, miracle, and wonder.

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