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After a month and a week of adventures and some leisure in US, I’m back home for a month and a week, before another trip to Burlington, VT. The first part of my July trip to US was frankly a disaster through which I learned a lot, while the second part, namely Buddhist Geeks | Conference was successful in many ways.  Meanwhile, check out these:

Photo set by Al Billings on Flickr

Reflection from bgeeks11 by Nikki Chau

Day Three by C4Chaos

Photo set by C4Chaos on Flickr

Article by Ed Halliwell at Guardian

Article by Paul Bradley at LA Weekly

Article by Mitchell Landsberg at LA Times

Plus, the #bgeeks11 Round up

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  1. I.Bilen

    09. Aug, 2011

    Impresivno. Čestitam.

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