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*starts Nov 25th 2010

Deep Dharma needs no domestication.

We cannot bypass change, suffering, nonself. There is no way to do that. We cannot.

Inquiry implies we can relax into not knowing.

Reality is never separate from you. Are you separate from reality?

Buddha-nature never sleeps.

In mahayana, your “cushion” is the vantage point of a vast existential awareness.

The totality-of-being-and-becoming remembers itself.

Kindness and compassion are powerful catalysts.

[“Hyaku nichi no seppo, he hitotsu.” Japanese proverb meaning, “the preaching of a hundred days gone like a fart.”]

Everything is potentially spiritual, but so very few pracitioners realize that.

Our unconscious expectations make spiritual practice tedious.

Concentration skills are important in themselves, but stop to consider: what are you really focusing on?

For the first time, no one really knows what spirituality will be like 50 years from now.

Wisdom practice requires you to look AT those points of view you’re so used to look FROM.

Vajrayana is complete 3D awareness. Mind, speech, and body. Ground, path, and fruition.

Develop wisdom and compassion daily. Do not be discouraged. Everything depends on that.

Life-and-death fully taken up is the Path.

Belief and disbelief are obstacles to curiosity. Only genuine curiosity can serve as basis for intimacy and trust.

Passion and enthusiasm can slip into bias and sectarianism.

Inspiration comes and goes. Rely instead on a modest, regular, daily practice.

The self we cling to is unreal. Results of this clinging are real enough to ensure its continuation.

Views have incredible potency. Mind your views.

Nama-rupa, or “name and form,” that is mind and body, can be interpreted as “sema-soma,” semantics and somatics.

When it comes to spirituality, most suffer from chronic disfunction. To those who still want it, fundamentalism is like viagra.

Going beyond logic never meant embracing faulty, biased reasoning.

Improvizations based on individual bias are poor substitute for the much needed update in time-honored notions of buddhahood.

We’re already awake! It’s just that our wakefulness is so heavily veiled.

Individually, veils consist of habitual reactivity as twisted emotions and opaque concepts.

Collectively, veils consist of fear-based lifestyles, warped in shared values and identities.

Non-weird people are just those whose weirdness we haven’t yet acknowledged, blinded as we are by our own non-weirdness.

Our way of thinking must be examined again and again. Practicing the noble art of curiosity we move beyond our present knowing.

Reality is only *presented* as our six sense perceptions.

Time is a patient master. Yield.

To avoid disappointment, rely on emptiness.

Emptiness and conditioned coarising are the essential view.

Deity and mandala without correct understanding of Dharma are a dangerous bad joke.

Devotion, confidence, and extraordinary intent are the hallmark of Vajrayana.

Three mysteries of body, speech, and mind can only be entered by those with pure devotion *and* sharp intelligence.

Walking the Path without a Guide is like driving and drinking.

Self-existing suchness is *not* inanimate, mindless, unresponsive, but alive, intelligent, and graceful.

Cultivating four immeasurables – equanimity, love, compassion, joy – we discover our innate capacity to move beyond reactivity.

Quantify relationships, actions, and values, in hours per week, to discover and reflect on your actual priorities.

Wisdoms of equality and discrimination must work together. We need access to both emptiness and actuality.

Making our personal lives reflect ideals of perfection easily becomes a brutal affair.

Buddha’s actual words were never recorded. Yet buddhahood keeps preaching.

Beauty is at the heart of true Dharma practice.

Hinayana is what you get when warriors and princes renounce the world.

Mahayana appears when philosophers and aristocrats discover boundless compassion.

Vajrayana develops when saints and sages reclaim creativity and spontaneity.

Reflecting on *total* experience range of human being, we develop compassion.

Penetrating the *essential* experience of human being, we discover wisdom.

Solipsism, dogmatism, parochialism. The three asylums.

All talk of ‘transformation’ and ‘purification’ and ‘higher’ awareness is firmly in the reductionist camp.

Spirituality is not something we do. It is a fundamental existential function that disposes us to perceiving.

Spiritual practice is unlike spacewalk or bungee jumping in low orbit. You must find your feet before you find your head.

Deep spirituality only makes sense as an all-inclusive context for everything you are, do, and relate to.

The richness and inherent value of life constantly challenge our imagination.

*ends with Jan 17th 2010

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