Plans for 2011

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Just to share with you some of what I’ve been up to, and what my plans are for this year and next. Presently I’m working on a 6-part online course to be offered through Buddhist Geeks website, basically an intro to Vajrayana in a post-traditional context. There will be an overview of common Buddhist principles in the first part, followed by an exploration of Body, Speech, Mind, Personal Practice, and Integrating Experience, each part thematically related to one of five families, namely Buddha, Padma, Vajra, Ratna, and Karma. More details soon.

Secondly, in July I’ll be travelling to LA for Buddhist Geeks | The Conference, a 3-day event where I should be facilitating a panel discussion on “Emergent Buddhism” with several teachers (schedule details to be announced on the Conference page). This whole project is very timely, and already reveals a great potential, so I’m crossing my fingers:)

Since opportunity favors the prepared, if the online course mentioned above works well, I might do a teaching event while in United States, most likely in Boulder, Colorado, early August. That is still uncertain.

In addition to working locally in Rijeka, Croatia with weekly and monthly programs, I will continue working with individuals over Skype, as 2010 has proved it works well for folks from various parts of Europe and US. Let me know if you have questions regarding that.

Finally, as I continue posting #deepDharma on Twitter, I’m also gradually concretizing the structure and content for my book on “deep Dharma for actual people,” first draft of which I intend to have sometime next year. There are also plans to redesign this website.


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